Emperos Trading Limited

Committed to client satisfaction and emphasis on world class standards

With provisional offer to deliver Crude Oil to some refineries around the world, we actively source allocations and term deals to the effect.

Notwithstanding the challenges and barriers of quota, specification and security we still strive to meet the demands of our clients. Most times, we act as off-takers to allotees especially in developing economies where the political climate and policies is heavily tied to the trade.

At Emperos we aim to be one of the leading crude oil trading companies in the world. We are also able to manage the financial transaction on behalf of partners.

Although, with our access to stored products most especially in the Middle East we have certain relatively fixed arrangements on ground.

In 2011, we were able to partner with exploration and production companies who own marginal fields in anticipation of production. This way, we plan to increase our product source by almost 45% in the coming 3 years.

We trade nuts and spices through Africa all the way to Vietnam, were the demand for cashew for example is high. We also bring in such produce like wheat, sugar and rice from Asia to sub-Saharan Africa.

Trade in farm produce is a function of time and flexibility because it is seasonal. The challenge has always being the sourcing of products from some parts of Africa were processing is not adequate. Another issue has been the quality of the produce. Europe places high standards on produce like Egypt while some farming communities are not mechanised to full scale.

We try to support local communities and enterprise farmers in their bid to develop their trade. This way, we can help monitor the activities to improve output.

Gasoline is one of the major petroleum commodities in high demand in emerging economies. And even though there are local refineries in this countries, most time, they really meet the demand of consumers. Mostly referred to as Automotive Gas Oil, it is what most of the industries and platforms use, due to power generation challenges. We have identified this hitch and our focus is geared to meeting this increasing demands. Our estimated target for 2012 – 2013 is to trade over 200KT quarterly for West Africa alone.


Emperos is prepared to actively engage the gas market from 2013 primarily in the area of Freighting. We have identified areas of active demand and we are willing to deliver pro-actively.

Although, LPG/LNG has both local and international demand, local capacity utilization is low in developing economies while international demand for gas is increasing as an alternative energy source. This generates a problem when sourcing, because developing economies have yet to build adequate infrastructure for gas capture and storage. In this field we are working with IOCs that have developed capacity to utilize this resource in these regions.


Emperos is actively involved in the physical trading of Premium Motor Spirit. Because most automotive engines still run on this product, it has a daily sales rating higher than other petrochemicals.

PMS form the bulk of our trade commodity and we are set to yet expand our trade volume. We source refined products from Europe, Middle East and Asia to meet demand in Africa and United States. In some regions, the importation of PMS is highly regulated, and for us the strategy has always being an understanding of local markets with efficient trade representatives.